Pasta making class in Italy

Became a real Master in First Courses

It's easy to say "Italian Pasta". But there are those in the world who write the word "Italian" on the menu without ever having really even tasted the quality of 100% Italian pasta plate. Millions of tourists come to Italy and are delighted with the quality of the first courses. This happens not only because of the ingredients: a good plate of pasta is a gourmet elaboration that gives the customer a strong emotion.


What can you learn in a Pasta Making Class in Italy

After 10 years of teaching, the Academy has established that the most difficult thing to teach foreign chefs is precisely the "ideal scene": what should the dish be like? what kinds of sensations on the palate should the Italian first course give?

From the design of the effect we want to create, to the choice of ingredients and methodology, to the ideal strategy for a fast and impeccable service. These are the topics of the 10 full time days of the Master on Italian Pasta and First Dishes. A very intense full immersion that will take you at the end of the Pasta Making Class to operate as a high-level Italian chef.


Here at work student chefs from all over the world who have come to Italy in 2021 to learn a high-level art, to give their customers a real 100% Italian dish.