Master of Pasta and Sauces Course in Italy

Learn the secret of this ancient Culinary Art with a Professional Course by Accademia Italiana Chef, that turns you into a real Expert. This study program has been designed in ISO Quality standard 21001 to convey all the real secrets of Italian pasta. It is not just a course of recipes, it's not a pasta cooking class, but a full immersion in the key concepts that have made Italian pasta and his sauces the most famous and consumed food in the world.



An Italian Pasta Artisan, certified as an expert in the realization of the most famous Italian "pasta dishes" in the world, able to work profitably in any restaurant or pasta shop.


The Master of Pasta and Sauces Course is a professional format open to all pasta lovers:
experience is not required, only passion and desire to learn.

A very intense and concentrated study program in our Culinary Art School. You will receive the same teachings that are given to Italian people who want become chef: theory and  many professional practice on every single item you will study, with an innovative teaching method studied according to the European Quality Standard on training ISO 21001. Learn real Italian Cooking 100%.

Firenze Cattedrale near Cooking school in Florence


In a city like Florence, this is not just a cooking course but also a cooking vacation. Tuscany is the Italian culinary Capital of food, and Florence is the most important location for cooking holidays. Your days will be full of taste.

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24 June 2024
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The school is equipped with professional laboratories, the same ones used by Italian students for professional training courses. It is a few steps from the tramway which takes you to the center of Florence and the airport in a few minutes.

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Become a real italian Sous-Chef Certified


You will make a complete professional path that starts from the fundamental bases of Italian cuisine.

You will be followed by an Italian chef awarded nationwide. You will learn step by step to cook 100% Italian and create dishes of high aesthetic level and exceptional taste.

The Master is internationally recognized and the international tourist villages of the major Italian tour operators are always looking for a first course sous-chef.
When you have obtained the certification, you will also be able to "instantly" access the job offers of the international agencies affiliated with the Academy.

3 advantages of the Master of Pasta and Sauces Course in Italy

Only the Real Italian Culinary Art

The school promotes only 100% Italian cooking methods. Original recipes, the right ingredients and all the secrets revealed. No useless data correspond to any added time and maximize results.

74 hours of training

You will be guided by an award winning Italian Chef, he will follow you on a 2 weeks journey through a certified program.

Practical and Multimedia Education

The formats has equipped with innovative audio-visual material that helps the student to orientate during the lesson step by step. Every step of the theory is done many times in practice.

About the Master of Pasta Course in Italy

Location: Florence
 Duration: 2 weeks, mon-fri 7,5 hours a day (weekend is free time)
 Class Time: 9:30-17:00
 Language: english
 Capacity: max 20 students
 Teachers: Italian chefs awarded nationwide
Qualification: Master's Certificate of "Expert of Italian Pasta and Sauces"
Fee: 2.000 euro


The MASTER OF PASTA and SAUCES Course in a few words: the history, theory&principles, difference between dry and fresh, many secrets to create e refine it, study and choice of ingredients, the doughs, the moldings, the forming. Italian sauces, bases, classics, variations, combinations, presentation. How to make, and keep, large productions for catering. Perfect mix of theory and practice:

Types of fresh pasta you will create

In addition to studying dry pasta, its cooking methods, the suggestions of precooking, you will also practice a lot on the excellence of fresh pasta, studying the secrets and the many variations.


  • Fettuccine
  • Gnocchi (Classic)
  • Gnocchi customized: with spinach, with tomato, with beetroot
  • Gnocchi (Classic with egg)
  • Gnocchi alla romana
  • Gnocchi stuffed with "shrimps" and “Speck and Brie”
  • Gnocchi with wholemeal flour
  • Lasagne
  • Maltagliati
  • Maltagliati with wholemeal flour
  • Ravioli (Classic)
  • Ravioli customized with tomato.
  • Ravioli filled with: "spinach and ricotta", "burrata and shrimps", "potatoes and butter", “Orata (Sea Bream), goat cheese and chives”
  • Pappardelle
  • Pasticcio di Maccheroni
  • Pici
  • Spaghetti alla Chitarra
  • Tagliatelle
  • Tagliatelle with wholemeal flour
  • Tagliolini
  • Tortellini Bolognesi
  • Tortelli (Classic)
  • Tortelli customized: with black sepia, with spinach, with beetroot.
  • Tortelli filled with: "Mugellana", "Butter and Pecorino", “nettle and parmesan”, "pumpking and porcini"

Types of sauce you will create

  • "Tomato with Basil"
  • "Amatriciana"
  • "Carbonara"
  • "Puttanesca"
  • "Ragù alla Bolognese"
  • "Ragù alla Napoletana"
  • "Ragù of Boar"
  • "Fish Ragù"
  • "Garlic, Evo and Spicy"
  • "Fettuccine Alfredo"
  • "Pesto alla Genovese"
  • "Pesto alla siciliana"
  • "Alla Norma"
  • "Cacio e Pepe”
  • "Butter and Sage"
  • "Ortolana"
  • "Gricia"
  • "Pommarola"
  • "Parmisan Fondue and Nuts"
  • "Cream Peas and Ham"
  • "alla Milanese"
  • "Mushrooms and sausage"
  • "Evo emulsion and Parmisan"
  • "Red sauce Shrimps"
  • "Classic Salmon"
  • "Trittico of Shrimps"
  • "Classic tuna"
  • "Allo Scoglio"
  • "Sea bass, tomatoes and thyme"
  • "Octopus"
  • "with Clams"
  • "Toma fondue and macaroons"
  • "Pistachio butter and mussels"
  • “Butter and parmisan alla romana”


DAY 1 

Morning Lesson # 1: The basics secrets of first course italian recipe. Indoctrination on the Italian Pasta procedure. Technical measures and preparation of dough. Classic Italian tomato Sauce for pasta.

Afternoon Lesson # 2: The preparation of the egg pasta with different flours. Secret of dry pasta. The mantecatura method. Preparation of classic sauces:”Alfredo”, “Cacio e Pepe”, “Pesto alla Siciliana”.

DAY 2 

Morning Lesson # 3: History and preparation of Italian pasta for Stuffing, the dough for Tortelli and Ravioli. Customization of the dough. Diffrents type of filling. Classic sauces: “Butter and Sage”,“Pommarola”, “Parmisan Fondue and Nuts”.

Afternoon Lesson # 4: The secrets of recipe of Tortellini alla Bolognese. Customization of Italian Ravioli and Tortelli filled with fish and cheese. Preparation of classic sauces: “Peas, Ham and Cream”, “Classic Tuna”, “Red Shrips”.

DAY 3 

Morning Lesson # 5: Secrets and preparation of the Gnocchi. Differents type of dough for gnocchi.  The filling of gnocchi. Preparation of the classic sauces “Salmon”, “Mushrooms and Sausages”, “Evo and Parmesan”.

Afternoon Lesson # 6: Customization of gnocchi dough. The preparation of classic sauces: “Pesto alla Genovese”, “alla Norma”, “the Trittico of Shrimps”.

DAY 4 

Morning Lesson # 7: The secrets of preparation of Italian baked pasta. Preparation of the dough for stuffed pasta. Study and practice on bases of italian “soffritto”. Preparation of classic sauce; “Ragù alla Bolognese”.

Afternoon Lesson # 8: Preparation of the ancient Italian recipe “Pasticcio di Maccheroni alla Ferrarese” and classic “Lasagne alla Bolognese”.


Morning Lesson # 9: The secrets of cooking of Italian dry pasta and his professional pre-cooking method. The dough and the method for the Pici Toscani pasta. Preparation of the classic sauces “all’Arrabbiata”, “Garlic, oil e Spicy” and “Cacio e Pepe”.

Afternoon Lesson # 10: Preparation of Italian Traditional Egg Pasta for Spaghetti alla Chitarra pasta. Preparation of classic sauces: “alla Carbonara”, “alla Puttanesca”, “Amatriciana” and “Allo Scoglio”.


Morning Lesson #11 summatory: The wholemeal flour and the its secrets. Customization of the dough for classic pasta with wholemeal flours. Preparation of classic sauces: “Tomato in slow cooking”, “Ortolana”.

Afternoon Lesson #12 summatory: The preparation of the egg pasta with wholemeal flours. Preparation of the Preparation of classic sauces :”Alfredo”, “Gricia”, “Mushroom and Ham”.



Morning Lesson #13 summatory: deepening about preparation of Italian dough for stuffed pasta. Colour and filling variations, using saffron and cacao. Filling with “Spinach and Ricotta”, “Orata (Sea Bream), goat cheese and chives”. Preparation of classic sauces “Porcini and mint”, “Sea bass, cherry tomatoes and thyme”, “Ragù alla Napoletana”

Afternoon Lesson #14 Summatory: deepening about preparation of the Italian pasta fillings. Tortellini Bolognesi, and Tortelli with “nettle and parmesan”, “pumpking and porcini”. Preparation of the classic Broth alla Bolognese and sauces, “toma fondue and macarons”, “pistachio butter and mussels”.


Morning Lesson #15 summary: deepening about preparation of the Gnocchi, the use of wholemole flours and semolina. Filling with “Speck and Brie”. Preparation of sauces “alla Sorrentina”, “Butter and sage”, “Butter and parmisan alla romana”

Afternoon Lesson #16 summatory: Preparation and pre-cooking of Rise and Italian Ristotto. The preparation of classic sauces: “alla Milanese”, “Ortolana”, “Octopus”


Morning Lesson #17 summatory: deepening about preparation baked pasta. Preparation of the dough for stuffed pasta and pappardelle.  Preparation of italian “soffritto”, and sauces “Ragù alla Bolognese”, “Ragù of Boar”, “Fish Ragù”.

Afternoon Lesson #18 summatory: Study and preparation of Salsa Madre (besciamella). Preparation of 2 type of Italian Pasta al Forno and Lasagne alla Bolognese.

DAY 10

Morning Lesson # 19: Professional exercise of dry pasta pre-cooking and speed of preapractions of classic sauces. To give the highest quality during the service. Preparation of the classic sauces “all’Arrabbiata”, “Garlic, oil e Spicy” and “Cacio e Pepe”.

Afternoon Lesson # 20: Professional exercise of Italian Traditional Egg Pasta, preparation of Spaghetti alla Chitarra pasta. Preparation of classic sauces: “alla Carbonara”, “Amatriciana” and “alle Vongole (Clams)”.

The participation fee includes:
Teaching with a professional translator in English language for 74 hours of courses.
Internal Tutoring.
Raw materials used in class.
Professional equipment that is used during the lessons.
Professional jacket and hat with “Accademia Italiana Chef” logo.
Professional training manual in English language.
Certificate issue "Expert in Italian Pasta and Sauces" in english language.
All consumption within the academic lessons.
The participation fee is € 2000 

Next date available

24 June 2024
6 places left


Secretarial hours

Mon. - frie. 09AM - 08PM
(Italian time zone UTC +2)


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