Pizza making class in Italy

Became a real Master in Italian Pizza

Pizza, the third most popular type of dish in the world after rice and pasta, but at the same time one of the most mystified. When a foreign tourist comes to Italy and eats Italian pizza his eyes light up and he seems to be eating it for the first time. Obviously, it is not enough to make a round disc of dough and put the tomato on it to make a good pizza.

There are some aspects of Italian pizza that are completely unknown. It is an art that appears simple but hides an alchemy of processes and devices that Italians have jealously cultivated for centuries. Even in Italy, in fact, the percentages of the dough, the methods of dough, leavening and maturation, are jealously guarded and handed down only to apprentices, in an oral way, by the master pizza makers.

What can you learn in a Pizza and Breadmaking Class in Italy

After 10 years of teaching, the Academy has established that the most difficult thing to teach foreign chefs is precisely the "ideal scene": what should the pizza be like? what kinds of sensations on the palate should the Italian pizza and bread give?

After identifying the effect we want to create on the customer's palate, the professionist start with the choices on the type of dough to be made, the choice of ingredients and the method of the dough begin. Moving from technique to technique, making different types of dough with different methods, you will know the real STABLE DATA of the Italian pizzeria. These are the themes of the 10 full-time days of the Master of Italian Pizza and Breadmaking. A very intense full immersion that will lead you, at the end of the course, to operate as a true high-level Italian pizza chef.


Here are some of the shots taken in the Master. Pizza makers from all over the world have come to Italy to acquire a new level of competence and to learn a high-level art, to give their customers a true 100% Italian pizza.