How is the real italian pizza?

Now you can ask this group of students from the Dominican Republic, who came to Italy to learn an ancient trade with many secrets.

Two weeks of intense study and lots of production under the guidance of an Italian Master Pizzaiolo.

During the more than 90 hours of the course, many schemes relating to dough and various types of flour are discussed and implemented. A large part of the course is made up of exercises and manual skills to get the speed you need during pizza service.
But practice without a solid theory often turns into a lack of flexibility. This is why the course contains all the Italian theory and secrets of the different types of dough, leavening, maturation, seasoning, cooking and finishing.
Another important section is dedicated to the "Pizza Gourmet", an elaborate Chef-style pizza that creates real bursts of taste in the mouth.
We publish a gallery of photos and the Academy congratulates the students for the dedication, seriousness and ability with which they have faced the entire professional training course.


Learn the secrets of this ancient Culinary Art with a Professional Course that turns you into a real Professional Expert.